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Creating Space for Disabled Workers w/Disability Solutions’ Kevin McCloskey

by: Chad Twaro
June 09, 2022

One in four American adults live with at least one form of disability. While the impact of disabilities on people’s day-to-day varies, employment is one spot that is consistently negatively affected by the presence of a disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against disabled people in the workplace and in hiring practices. However, people with disabilities are much less likely to be employed than those without disabilities.

In 2021, 19.1% of people with a disability were employed, which was above the 17.9% figure from 2020. Despite those statistics, there are resources to help people with disabilities find employment. On this episode of Find Your Niche: A Career Podcast, Career Coach Lori Cole chats with someone pushing to create more inclusive workplaces for disabled persons. Disability Solutions’ Kevin McCloskey serves as the company’s Senior Director of Partnership Development. McCloskey works directly with Disability Solutions’ employer clients to develop programs to attract, hire, and retain employees with disabilities. He has incorporated one of these programs, Achieving Change Together, with companies such as Pepsi and Frito Lay. On today’s episode, Cole and McCloskey discuss:

•    How he educates employers on hiring and accommodating workers with disabilities
•    The paths to employment for people with disabilities
•    Some of his company’s success stories

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