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"You have shown me several positions with strong employers. Thanks to you I was able to find the right position and company for me."

Tonna S.

Joplin, MO
"Thank you very much indeed for helping me secure a job. I greatly appreciate it! This website is an excellent way to locate any dream job. Thanks once again for all your help and support. Keep up the good work!"

Ann Priya Thanaraj K.

Columbia, SC
"I put my resume on this website in the fall of 2005 and within 5 days I received numerous phone calls with promising offers. I was able to narrow down my choices to two companies. The company I chose I still work for today and I love all of my employees; best team yet. This site was able to connect me with companies that were only interested in the skills that I possessed. Unfortunately, the company I am with will be selling in January. I have the option to go on with the future company, but I decided to come back to iHire and start over fresh."

ConTina W.

Orlando, FL
"I have been amazed with the professional emails and phone calls about my resume. I am excited and happy to have found your website information on the internet and have started using you."

Genelle B.

Stockbridge, GA
"Helped me get a job!!"

Jennifer S.

Olyphant, PA
"I have not landed a job, but the tools on iHire have helped me tailor my resume better to current standards and the quick apply button is great."


"I admire you for the clear and open information of your organization's service. "

Gebremedhin W.

Van Nuys, CA
" I found my dream job as a payroll specialist for logistics. Family owned logistics company. Awesome place to work. "

Janet B.

Tucson, AZ
"Great access to jobs. Great resume advice!"

Brenda W.

Las Cruces, NM
"The best recruiting platform. I had a situation when I lost my job. I actually didn't know what to do and the first idea which I had was to create a proper resume and then place my resume on specialized services, where employers choose new candidates for the particular posts. I guess that it was a great idea because I found this service immediately. It was the very first link in the search engine. So, I applied to this company and posted my resume. I found a new occupation in just a couple of weeks and it was perfect. I still continue working for this company. Big thanks to iHire!"

Jillian R.

"I used iHireAccounting to find accounting/finance positions in multiple cities."

Kimberly P.

Roanoke, VA
"iHireAccounting helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate"


Brooklyn, NY
"I signed up for the membership and added skills I had overlooked with their match feature. Also liked the search results and ease of use. iHireAccounting helped me identify skills I possess that make me a more competitive candidate. iHireAccounting helped me improve and optimize my resume. iHireAccounting saved me time and effort during my job search. "


Lady Lake, FL
"The resume assistance that was offered helped me to fine tune my resume which in turn I received several calls from potential employers. After 3 days on iHireAccounting I interviewed and was able to choose which employer was the best fit for me."

Maureen "Moe" M.

Aurora, CO
"I was able to get a job opportunity that turned into an interview."

Keith B.

Baltimore, MD
" I received a lot of opportunities to interview. I am glad I found a new job. Thank you for helping me."

Anderson C.

Midvale, UT
"Previously, I had been applying for part time positions using the same resume that included significant accomplishments and critical transferable skills acquired after more than 40 successful years of employment with 2 Fortune 50 companies. The hiring companies showed little to no interest in my application. I then subscribed to the iHire premium resume service and it helped me to customize my resume for each job to which I applied. The customization was done to better relate my capabilities to the requirements of the job to which I was applying. The responses to the customized resumes were positive and included requests for interviews. I thank iHire for their help in my job search. "

James M. - Financial Analyst

Silver Spring, MD
"iHireAccounting was helpful in keeping me updated on the jobs that were available throughout the Southern California region."

Joshua B.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
"The emails have been very useful! It's great to be able to see a wider range of job offerings other than those from Craigslist (my usual go-to), and of course it's great when they come to me, rather than me having to go to them. Thank you!"

Peggy Ridge

Fairfax, CA
"I used the iHireAccounting suggestions that helped with my resume, and I found an entry level job in accounting. "

Michael S.

Centralia, WA
"I was involved in a long distance relationship. After a year of flying to and fro, it was about time that we bridged the distance. It seemed impossible to look for a job in California when I practically lived in the Midwest!!! Then, I tried availing of the services of I applied for a job that appeared to be a perfect match for my skills and qualification. I was emailed the employer contact number, and the next thing I knew I was on the plane for a personal interview! To make the story short, I got my dream job and now live closer to the love of my life! Thanks,, for making job search so much easier!"

Celeste S.

San Diego, CA
"iHire was an extremely helpful professional tool. I was able to see many options in my field. Ty"

Jacqueline H.

Paramus, NJ
"Fast track to jobs that pertained to my preference search. No junk."

Patricia C.

Maple Grove, MN
"First, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of immediate responses I got. Second, I got a job and it, finally, is a good one. Thanks."

Marge D.

Cochiti Lake, NM
"I registered with on a Thursday night and the following morning I received two phone calls from different companies requesting that I come in for an interview. The following Monday morning a third company in my local area called requesting an immediate interview and have since made a job offer. I will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in December; however, I thought I would need to start my job search six months before graduation to be successful in finding a position. This website has been extremely helpful in providing me with responses from companies seeking accountants in less than a week. I have spent hours looking for jobs in the newspapers, temp agencies, and other job engines, although I have NOT received the same results! My sincere thanks to—getting the job done! "

Arlene M.

Melbourne, FL
"I have my resume posted on quite a few job boards and have applied for numerous positions over the last few years. Out of the hundreds of resumes I've sent out, I have gone on a total of 3 interviews. I signed up for iHire at the beginning of April. Danielle Crabb critiqued my resume. While I did not have the money to have my resume professionally done by iHire, I did make all the changes she suggested. I applied to 5 positions, had one interview, and was offered the position. I am starting my new position on May 5th. Thanks Danielle and iHire!"

Suzann S.

Townsend, DE
" was instrumental in helping me to keep all the applications I submitted organized. Their option for "Saved", "Interview Scheduled" and "Offer Received" helped me to manage my applications. Almost 100% of the jobs I saw elsewhere could be brought up on iHireAccounting. Here’s hoping I never need to use iHireAccounting again! I will definitely recommend, it was worth paying the premium."

Susan S. - Cpa

Seneca, SC
"I was hired within 24 hours of my interview!!"

Francine Sylvain

Kansas City, MO
"iHire is a great service. I found job opportunities that I didn't see on other sites. I like the job fit rating system and the ability to go back and see where and when I'd applied. I will definitely use iHire if I ever need to do a job search again. It was a great investment."

Santrecia P.

Lawrenceville, GA
"Helped me in seeing my true value & worth in my current position & my skill set! "

Marc M.

Kissimmee, FL
"I used iHire nearly completely because it immediately showed the distance from my house. This was very helpful in my job search in weeding some jobs out."


Springfield, OH
"iHire was a great source of potential job opportunities especially Controlling and Accounting Manager roles in the area. Great resource with variable options to cater our job alerts. Thank you"

S. C.

Granger, IN
"iHire helped me fine tune my resume."

Jenifer V.

Avondale, AZ
"While I was looking, iHire had some great job listings with excellent companies."


Phoenix, AZ
"iHire offered many job opportunities. After submitting my resume and attending several interviews, I received multiple job offers. Thank you for all your help."

Lizbeth Prevete

Rockville Centre, NY
"iHire provided several job opportunities that were relevant to my career path. I was invited to a few interviews and did have one job offer."

Lisa F.

Hollywood, FL
"This is good service. Provides a lot of quality leads."

Richard - This is good service

"I just wanted to let you know that I was offered a full time position with PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, PA. The offer was way beyond what I would have imagined and I wanted to thank you and the talented people with iHire resume team that helped me in landing this wonderful position."

Ellen B.

Richmond, VA
"iHireAccounting was much more on target with the locations and positions I was searching for in comparison with some other prominent job search engines. I have 4 interviews within 2 weeks and am happy to have found a great career opportunity! "


Harpers Ferry, WV
"iHireAccounting specifies only jobs that will match one's qualifications. I like that they try to do exact matches."

Jerry C.

"I have a full time job out of state thanks to iHireAccounting. My family will now live their dream by living next to the water!"

Kathlene D.

Rochester, MN
"Dawn, I wish I could give you a rating feedback. I would give you a perfect 10! Thank you for taking the extra time with me and also linking articles that would help me keep my resume up to date. I am happy to pay the $35 for February just based on seeing that your company cares. Most companies just say hey you signed up you missed the cut off line you have the service for the month. I believe the resume email you sent me just showed me what iHireFinance is about and I may even continue my subscription if I have not found a new job then. Again, thank you. I truly mean this. Your response email was above and beyond any expectation I had."


Indianapolis, IN
"After looking for a job for over two months I finally found one in my field."

North Port, FL
"This site has many true job leads instead of junk jobs that no one really wants."

Cedric P.

Little Rock, AR
"Wow! First day and several phone calls of good job prospects! Better than Monster or Career Builders!"

Jeff B.

Kuna, ID
"iHire had a job posting that fit my requirements. I submitted a resume and the rest is history. I would never have found this job if not for iHire. I was fortunate to find a job so quickly with the help of iHire."

Beth G.

Hixson, TN
"I'm not quite sure how you find perspective employers, but in less than 24 hours after visiting your website, I received more emails and phone calls for interviews that were generated from your site than I did with both CareerBuilder and Monster combined. These perspective employers were better matched to the type of job and pay, benefits, etc. that I was searching for. Additionally, they were coming after me, not me after them. After only two days, I have already interviewed and found an ideal job for me that I start next week. has been like a godsend."

Yvonne P.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I just wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for the help you provided to me with my job search. I had actually been working temporary, and still pursuing full time employment. Last week you sent two matches to me. I filled out the questionnaires on both, and both reached "call" status. One was a little far commute-wise but the other one was ideal. I had my first and second interviews within days, and this morning an offer was made. I can't thank you enough! I am so excited and appreciate what you did for me so very much!"

Rita S.

Houston, TX
"I registered with on a Wednesday night. The next morning (Thursday) I received 5 e-mails from different companies to come in for an interview. The first firm I called asked me to come in the next day (Friday) for an interview. The same firm called me again the following Monday to come in for a second interview that same day and meet one of the partners. I start work the next day (Tuesday)! I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelor's Degree. I graduated in October and have been searching for a job since (approx. 6 months). This website helped find me a job with a good company in less than a week. Not to mention, meeting my salary requirements. The majority of companies look for someone with experience. As a person with practically little or no experience, I got what I wanted. I have spent countless hours looking for jobs in other job engines, I have NEVER come close to results like this! I am very satisfied and thankful with! THANK YOU!"

Aileen P.

Glendale, CA
"Was hired within five days of joining!"

Denise H.

Nevada City, CA
"iHire provided valuable resources for jobs and wonderful information for job search."

Caroline F.

Orchard, TX