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4 Accounting Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Whether you are working your way through school to earn your accounting degree or you would like to work in the field with no accounting degree, plenty of options are available. One of the most encouraging aspects of the accounting field is that there are accounting jobs based on experience and others based on education.

In any case, the experience-based jobs will give you a boots-on-the-ground introduction to what it’s like to work in accounting while you figure out your next steps (or enjoy your position indefinitely).

If you want to find accounting jobs without a degree, here are four roles to consider.


1. Payroll Specialist

As a payroll specialist, you’ll do one of the most essential jobs for a company, as far as the employees are concerned. Your core duties include tracking and processing employee time in a payroll management system, making system adjustments regarding various time off circumstances, and managing tax matters. Some companies might ask that you oversee health insurance and retirement accounts in cooperation with human resources.

Most businesses require organizational skills, basic computer knowledge, and some experience with accounting software or spreadsheets to become a payroll specialist.


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2. Accounting Clerk

The accounting clerk position is somewhat of a catch-all, but it’s vital in small office environments or any business that runs a tight accounting department. You might perform some above-listed payroll duties in this position, along with tasks like compiling reports, processing claims, and posting payments. You might only need a high school diploma for many companies; but if you can manage it, an associate’s degree is often preferred.


3. Collection Representative

You can also work in collections with no accounting degree. Collection positions often require employees to work evenings and weekends to have a better opportunity to reach debtors. You will be responsible for contacting customers with outstanding bills to work out a payment arrangement to bring their accounts current.

This role might work best for people with outgoing personalities and who can manage uncomfortable calls and situations. Further, your work in collections helps the company by freeing up accounting team members to perform their regular daily duties – all the while ensuring the organization remains fluid and maintains good business relationships, even with clients with past-due notices.


Your next great career awaits.


4. Administrative Assistant

Staying organized is always a top concern for accounting professionals, and they often rely on administrative assistants to help. Like administrative assistant positions in other industries, you don’t need a specialized degree to obtain an administrative job in accounting. You might work for accounting professionals like budget analysts, forensic accountants, auditors, and others by preparing correspondence and spreadsheets and performing basic bookkeeping tasks.


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There are many other jobs you might consider and ultimately pursue in the accounting field where you’ll have the chance to work for top professionals who respect the work you do. Maybe one of the careers mentioned here fits your experience and personality. If not, search for the right job that doesn’t require an accounting degree on iHireAccounting.

By iHire | April 15, 2021
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