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Working men and women across the United States and Canada are proud to call the UFCW their union. UFCW’s 1.3 million members work in a range of industries, with the majority working in retail food, meatpacking and poultry, food processing and manufacturing, and retail stores. We are North America’s neighborhood union, and the largest union of young workers with 40 percent of UFCW members under the age of 30. UFCW members are from many backgrounds and walks of life, but come together as the UFCW for the shared goal of achieving the American Dream. The UFCW is about workers helping workers improve working and living standards. When we unite for better wages, benefits, and working conditions, we help protect and improve the livelihoods of all workers. The UFCW is one union with one voice. We are committed to changing the places where we work and the communities where we live so that all workers have the opportunity to reach the American Dream.

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