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Protecting our funds and assets In matters in which there may be a conflict of interest, all Elekta employees are expected to make decisions and financial commitments that advance only the goals and objectives of the company, and not their personal interests. Elekta’s assets cover a range of property, including information and computers, telephones, software, product plans, strategy documents and similar items. Because these items are critical to the success of our company, Elekta employees need to manage and protect them to safeguard our business and reputation. To maintain our shareholders’ trust and fulfill our accountability with the financial market, we must record all transactions promptly, accurately, completely and honestly in accordance with applicable internal and external financial and accounting principles, standards and regulations. Financial integrity is critical. Employees, directors and officers that have regular access to non-public information (i.e., “Insiders”) have additional obligations and must keep themselves informed and actively seek guidance from the General Counsel before any trading in Elekta shares. To contribute to sustainable development, Elekta and its employees strive to act in an ethical social and environmentally responsible manner at all times, in combination with maintaining sound financial results and good governance. We set high standards on our suppliers, engage in philanthropic initiatives and work to reduce our environmental impact.

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