Applying to Jobs

 You will encounter a variety of application processes for jobs listed on our site. Some employers allow job seekers to apply directly through our site, while others prefer job seekers be directed back to their own site to fill out an application.

Within the job posting, click the green “Apply” button. Basic and Premium members can apply to any in-network jobs posted on iHire.

  • For jobs that you apply to via our site, employers will receive your resume, cover letter, and answers to application questions via email once you complete the process.
  • If you are taken to another site to apply, you will need to follow the process(es) defined on that site. If you find an issue applying to one of these jobs, please help us maintain job quality on our site by using the Report a Job feature to bring the job to our attention.

*Please note that we offer a Basic Membership and a Premium Membership. With the Basic Membership, you will have full access to any job on our site that has a company logo in the job description, the word "Featured" displayed in a green banner, and/or the word "Sponsored" displayed in orange. For access to all jobs on our site, you must be a Premium Member.

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